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Capital : Ulaanbaatar
Official language : Mongolian
Area : 1.66.500
Population : 2.420.000
Religions : Buddhism
Area :  Mongolia lies in the heart of the Central Asia, between the Russia in the north and the People's Republic of China in the East, west and south. Mongolia covers an area of 1.566.500 and fifth largest country in Asia and seventeenth largest in the world.  People :  There is great number of Mongolian people all over the world. According to researchers, about 7 million people who speak and read Mongolian, live the Mongolian way of life, are scattered throughout various countries. 680.000 people inhabit the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.
Head of state :  President Legislature :  Parliament, 76 members

Elevation :  Mongolia is a land of natural contrasts. While traveling here you may find yourself in remote wild forest, alpine meadows, Southern Gobi semi-deserts, and vast plains to the east and snow clad mountains to the west. Mountains cover over 40 percent of Mongolia's territory. There is relatively small area of plain /250.0

Mongolia is approximately 1580 meters above sea level. The longest rivers are Selenga, Orkhon, Tuul, Khovd, Kherlen and the Khangai Gol.

Mongolia is rich in mineral resources. Deposits of coal, iron, copper ore, tungsten, phosporites, gold, silver, tin, zinc and fluorspar have been all discovered here.

Climate :  The climate of Mongolia has strong continental features. One of the characteristic qualities of the climate is the exceptionally sharp variation of the temperatures not only during the seasons of the year, but also during the course of the day.

A constant, high atmospheric pressure and low humanity are also characteristic.

Government :  Mongolia is a developing and democratic country. It has diplomatic relations with more than 140 countries.
History :  One of the oldest nations in the world that has left a noticeable imprint in human history. Nomadic livestock breeding has dominated the economic activity of Central Asian people since time immemorial.
Currency :  Tugrug (10000 tugrugs is approximately 9 US.dollars ) Time zone :  +6, +7, +8
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